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01926 494 055


Placing your order

Currently the majority of our orders are dealt with over telephone.

You can telephone your order through to a member of Wood & Sport and speak to one of our advisor's regarding your order. Know what you want? Have any questions? Give us a call.

By placing an order with Wood & Sport you agree to our terms and conditions of sale.

Telephone orders

Order now by calling:

01926 494 055

Working hours

Our working hours:

9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


Free Delivery

We are happy to offer free delivery within 10 miles of our premises.

Delivery rates

We charge £1 per mile for every mile over our free delivery radius.

Other products and services

Decorative log orders and other products £POA.

Should your requirements be bespoke, please telephone us on 01926 494 055 to discuss the order.

WFL Freqently Asked Questions

Q: Are the logs seasoned and ready to burn?

A: Yes, we supply ready to burn firewood.

Q: How big are the logs?

A: Our logs are cut to a standard length of 30cm or smaller. If you want specific sizes you specify extra small or extra large logs when making your order (charge may apply).

Q: What comes in a load?

A: Whether you order hardwood or mixed wood you will receive a mixture of species that includes Oak, Ash, Cherry, Silver Birch etc.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We take payment prior to delivery usually by credit card or debit card when placing your order. You can also send funds electronically on request.

Q: Hardwood or Mixed wood?

A: Depending on the use of the wood and the equipment used to burn it, Hardwood or Mixed wood is the customer’s choice. Hardwood burns hotter, lasts longer and gives off less smoke and emission but it does take more energy to start. We recommend Hardwood for log burners and stoves. Mixed wood also contains Hardwood but loads are majority Softwood. Mixed wood loads start and burn easily and is what we recommended for open fireplaces and fire pits.

Q: How are loads measured and unloaded?

A: We measure are loads to the cubic metre. This is measured as loose wood and not stacked. The loads come loose in our delivery vehicles and is removed and delivered by hand (usually using crates).

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Upon booking the team will supply you with a delivery date. This is usually within 48 hours of ordering.

Q: I have questions, how do I find out more?

A: You can contact the team either on 01926 494 055 or by email info@woodandsport.com and one of the team will be happy to assist.