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Chopping Block Chopping Block

Product Description

Wood & Sport's own Chopping Block. Perfect for chopping logs or making kindling. A solid and natural wood product offering the perfect base for all your chopping needs. Made to order from a wood of your choice.

  • Perfect for chopping logs
  • Stable base and solid construction
  • Ready to be delivered with your firewood order

To place an order, call us on 01926 494 055.

Local, sustainable sources.

Our firewood comes from our own or local sustainable sources and is a mixture of well burning hardwoods and softwoods that are perfect for the fireplace, stove, pizza oven, woodburner, logburner, firepit and chiminea.

In your load you can expect to find a mixture of Oak, Ash and Cherry as well as Birch, Silver Birch and Sycamore hardwoods and some softwoods. We are also able to supply hardwood only loads (See products) or loads of a specific species (POA) where required. All our logs are cut to a regular size and are approximately 30cm in length.

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